Incident Response

Incident Response and Forensics

Just been hacked? Experiencing unusual activity or symptoms? Incident and forensics are our specialty. Whether it be your main ecommerce site that’s been hacked or some 0day malware on your network. Our incident response consultants are highly trained in log analysis, memory forensics and malware reversing. We will help you identify:


  • Hacking incidents
  • Malware analysis
  • GDPR or privacy laws navigation
  • Forensic engagements


Our engagements work as either a day to day ad hoc investigation or on a retainer based model.


Cyber Security Incident Response Drills

These workshops with key stakeholders run through real world incident response scenarios to review teams capabilities, policies, processes and procedures. The goal is to test how your organisation would handle a cyber security event. Do all key players understand their role? do you have a communication plan? is your current cyber security crisis plan effective and are the procedures you have in place realistic in a real world scenario.


Blue Teaming Workshops

Blue Teaming is the defensive side of passing a penetration test or fending off attackers. Our Blue Teaming workshops are hands on and teach your sysadmins and network admins all the tricks used by a hacker. We will work through closing off all the lateral movement vectors that attackers use on a network. The best way to learn defence is by understanding how the attackers think.