a white box
September 27, 2021

White Box Penetration Testing

There are two main ways to conduct penetration testing: black box and white box.  Both provide different approaches to the methodology and require different levels of interaction from the client. White box can often return more findings while improving the tester’s efficiency. We’ve already covered black box testing in the first part of this two-part… Continue reading White Box Penetration Testing

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Black Box Penetration Testing - Red Cursor | Cyber Security Testing
September 23, 2021

Black Box Penetration Testing

Penetration testing – or pen-testing as we colloquially call it – is a crucial component to a robust security programme in any organisation. As management, it’s critical you understand where pen-testing fits into your programme and what it can do for your organisation. Equally important is what it can’t do, and how the different “flavours”… Continue reading Black Box Penetration Testing

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